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Heating and Cooling with airco / heat pump

If you build or renovate, do it immediately sustainable.
Therefore choose heating with renewable energy.
Air conditioning / heat pumps are energy efficient, have a high efficiency and are environmentally friendly.
In addition, you can also cool with an air conditioner in the summer, and the system can be installed without too much cutting and grinding work.

Use of air conditioning / heat pump

An air conditioner cools or heats the air in a room. Furthermore, it also ensures dehumidification and filtering of the air. This together creates a comfortable indoor climate. Today, air conditioning is so economical that it is an alternative to the central heating system. An air conditioner can be used for many different purposes, per room, for an entire house, a shop or a hospital. At All Cool & Heating Solutions we are familiar with all expertise in the field of climate control and we can design a custom solution for any application, without obligation.

How does an air conditioner work?

Each air conditioner consists of at least two parts: an inner part and an outer part. During cooling, the inner part extracts heat from the air and the outer part gives off the excess heat to the outside air. This principle works the other way around when heating. The excess heat or cooling is transported via the refrigerant.

Technical operation of air conditioning

A liquid refrigerant is expanded through an expansion valve. The expanded still liquid refrigerant extracts heat from the air and becomes gaseous. A compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant to high pressure, after which the heat in the refrigerant is released to the environment and the gaseous refrigerant becomes liquid again in the condenser.

What kind of airco?

Which air conditioning is best for you depends on a number of factors, such as the number of rooms that need to be heated or cooled, the requirements for the air conditioning, whether it is possible to heat one room and another room on at the same time, whether there is a need for hot water from the tap ect .... All Cool & Heating Solutions can design a climate system without obligation for any application and every wish.

In one room, a split air conditioning is used, which stands for one outdoor part and one indoor part (unit high or low on the wall). Heating or cooling between the two and five rooms is done with a Multi Split air conditioning, which stands for one outdoor unit and several air conditioning units (unit high or low on the wall) or you can choose a central air conditioner, here the indoor unit is located under the false ceiling and by means of channels the hot or cold air is transported through a grid to each room.

Types of air conditioners


Floor model

Central unit


Energy efficient & environmentally friendly

An inverter-controlled modulating air conditioning system has an efficiency of approximately 3.8 (E.E.R.), which means that 1 KW of electricity is required for 3.8 kW cooling. Heating a room in winter is even more cost effective, namely 4 (COP). This is because the compressor re-uses the energy of a heat pump in its output. This is more economical and cheaper than with a gas boiler, but we are talking about the very good and energy-efficient appliances!

What are the consumption costs of an air conditioner?

There are prejudices that an air conditioner is a power eater. Fortunately, that time is behind us. Nowadays the air conditioners are equipped with inverter modulating controls, which means they use a lot less energy. In this example we show you how much the consumption of an air conditioner costs.

Assuming a bedroom of 16m2, an air conditioning consumes an average of 0.75 kW per hour of electricity (0.75 kWh). 1 kWh costs € 0.185. When you
the air conditioner is on for one hour, this costs 0.75 x 0.185 = € 0.13875, rounded to 14 cents per hour.

Assuming central air conditioning for the whole house, a house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and living room.
This consumes an average of 1.5 kW x 0.185 = 28 cents per hour.