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What does Wellisair do?

Wellisair is an air and surface cleaner and disinfectant

WELLISAIR Removes 99.9% of all hazardous elements

The state-of-the-art, innovative and patented Wellisair technology generates and spreads hydroxyl radicals (OH) that by oxidation eliminates 99.9% of existing viruses, bacteria, allergens, fungi, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The scope of Wellisair is very wide and diverse: from your home to hospitals, laboratories, food preservation, public spaces, educational buildings, transports, offices, veterinarians or shopping centers and many others.

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  • Compact and smart design with round shapes and radius.

  • Very low power consumption: 3.6 watts per hour.

  • Works with cartridges filled with limonene solution. Each cartridge has a life of 3 months.

  • On average, it reaches about 50-60 square meters.

  • Tactile keyboard with buttons: ON / OFF, night mode alarm indicators.

  • Real-time LED showing air and surface contamination status within the activation zone.

  • Very low noise level.

  • Night mode turns off the LED and reduces the noise of the device to make sleep easy.

  • Without filters.

  • In order to achieve a better and wider disinfectant effect, it is recommended to place the device at a height of 1.5 meters from the ground, separated from corners of at least 60 cm and the air circulation between all rooms of the local / home to ease.

How dos OH (Hydroxyl Radical) works!

OH generated by Wellis surrounds the virus and harmful bacteria

OH reacts with hydrogen from the cell walls
Harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed

Converts into a harmless element such as H2O (water)

What is OH (Hydroxyl Radical? 

OH (Hydroxyl Radical) is a powerful purifying substance that is generated naturally by sun light, ozone, and moisture in the air,

and it harmlessly disappears along with other air pollutants

Tested and approved by the University of Barcelona