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All Cool & Heating Solutions

Why maintenance of your air conditioning and heat pump is so important?

Annual maintenance extends the life of the air conditioning, cooling and freezing installation and reduces energy consumption by up to 30%

It is therefore advisable to have maintenance carried out on your air conditioning / heat pump or other cooling systems at least once a year!

A regular check ensures that any leaks and malfunctioning and / or defective parts are noticed and replaced in a timely manner, which considerably extends the life of the installation!
Bacteria growth in the device can spread unpleasant odors and cause allergic reactions in people who are in the affected area.

We offer you a very complete service:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the filters of the indoor unit

  • Checking and cleaning the condensate drain (pump)

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the filters of the outdoor unit

  • Checking, testing and adjusting control equipment

  • Checking the compressor, fan, pipe insulation and alarms

  • Detecting and repair minor leaks

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