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Why solar panels?

Solar panels are extremely popular, but the question may arise whether everything is so positive? Why people are increasingly opting for this sustainable form of energy generation has certainly to do with the following advantages associated with solar energy and the use of solar panels.

  1. No costs.
    The electricity that you generate with the help of solar panels is free, the sun shines anyway. Moreover, the sun does not have to shine continuously to generate electricity, daylight alone is sufficient.

  2. Conscious use.
    Solar panel owners generally use electricity more consciously and consume less on average than households, with no panels attached to the roof. Lower power consumption means less costs but is also less damaging to the environment.

  3. Emissions.
    Solar panels do not cause greenhouse gases and therefore have no CO2 emissions and are therefore better for the environment than other (fossil) energy sources. Solar panels are produced in an environmentally friendly manner, so they are also better that way

  4. Safety.
    Generating energy using solar panels is completely safe and there is no chance of accidents.

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  5. Installation.
    Solar panels can be installed on your roof in a short time, often the job is done within a day.

  6. No wear.
    Because there are no moving parts on the solar panels, there is relatively little wear and besides regular cleaning, the panels do not require maintenance.

  7. Reliability.
    Solar panels are reliable and have a long life!

  8. Recycling.
    When the panels are ready for replacement, they can be recycled for 90% and can therefore be used again to make panels. The youngest generation of solar panels also lose less and less in return and hardly lose any energy.

  9. Value of your home.
    The value of the house increases after installing solar panels. Even if you want to sell your house in the future, it is beneficial to have panels. The presence of solar panels means a higher asking price for your home.