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Why a heat pump?

With an efficiency of up to more than 500% (COP 5), a heat pump is an excellent heat supplier. This is because a large part of the required energy released is "free" from the environment; earth, water or air. So you buy a small amount of energy in order to convert the "free" energy into usable energy. The Netherlands already has thousands of satisfied heat pump owners. In the Scandinavian countries, where natural gas is not as common as with us, the heat pump has been used for much longer. In the meantime, the heat pump has now been developed to such an extent that it is also a good alternative (less heating costs) for our HR boilers.

Heat pump for heating / hot water

A heat pump heats a house sustainably and without natural gas. No gas? Who wouldn't want that! The heat pump is the future, with the new developments

Super efficient!

A heat pump extracts energy from the air, soil or groundwater and converts it into usable energy. The efficiency of this is very high! A heat pump makes 2 to 5 kWh of heat from 1 kWh of electricity !! When all power is sustainable, the CO2 emissions of a complete heat pump installation go to zero! The CO2 emissions from heating and hot water are currently much lower with:

  • Hybrid heat pump = 25% lower

  • Heat pump with outside air as source = 35% lower

  • Heat pump with bottom as source = 50% lower