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Pellet stoves 

A pellet stove is a bit like a wood stove, except that pellets are used instead of blocks of wood. Pellets are pressed wood pellets that look a bit like cat litter pellets. With a pellet stove you can heat one room, usually the living room. To heat your entire house, you can use a pellet stove-central heating that is then connected to your radiators. The pellet stove reservoir must be topped up regularly with pellets. An automatic system doses and transfers the pellets to the place where it is burned. The pellet stove is connected to a fan that exhausts the flue gases and the particulate matter released through a pipe or chimney.

Wood burners

The warmth and atmosphere of a wood stove is perfect on a cold winter day. The popularity of wood burning has increased greatly in recent years for a number of reasons. There is a demand for the use of a renewable and local fuel, the demand for alternative fuels and the enjoyment of a real fire! To meet this demand, stove manufacturers have produced highly efficient and stylish wood-burning stoves for a variety of interiors from rural to urban

Electric fireplaces 

The electric fireplace has been on the rise in recent years. And that is not surprising because the electric fireplace has many advantages over the traditional fireplace.
For example, no flue is required. An electrical outlet is sufficient so that you can easily place a beautiful decorative fireplace in almost any room or room in the house. With a wood or gas fireplace that is still a lot trickier and certainly more expensive. With an electric fireplace, you can now just place a beautiful fireplace in your bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom.