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Why underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating uses about 20% less energy than radiators because the boiler does not have to supply high temperatures. The efficiency of underfloor heating is therefore very favorable.
Thanks to the even heat distribution that starts from the ground, a feeling of comfort is reached more quickly. This allows you to set the thermostat 2 ° C lower to get the same comfort as radiator heating.
Underfloor heating is completely invisible. This allows you to make the most of every space.
Since underfloor heating works with radiant heat, the dust will spread less quickly in the home. This offers many advantages for people who suffer from allergies. The relative humidity of your home will also score better thanks to this type of heating.
With underfloor heating you can also walk barefoot in the house in winter. No dust is released and maintenance is not necessary. In terms of comfort and ease of use, there are many advantages to underfloor heating.


The heating time of underfloor heating takes a relatively long time compared to other heating sources. This is often disadvantageous if you have an irregular daily schedule. Using a thermostat you can set different scenarios so that the heating starts heating up one hour before you come home.
The installation of underfloor heating often entails a high cost price. A lot of material is needed and the installation also takes a long time. In the long term, however, this disadvantage is eliminated thanks to the higher yield, which in turn is a huge advantage.
To install underfloor heating you will always have to remove the existing floor. This is not always evident with renovation works and extension works. When installing, it is also good to provide extra floor insulation.